Monday, 6 September 2010

Helicopter charter demand is on the increase

Helicopter Charter and Hire Demand on the Increase

Atlas Helicopters has announced that despite the credit crunch woes affecting the majority of the transport industry, helicopter charter is making a slow but steady revival, with private and business helicopter hire experiencing an increased demand.

Mike Burns, Chief Executive and pilot at Atlas Helicopters, who have been experiencing business growth despite the economic conditions, said, “We are delighted that our helicopter charter service is growing again, but it just goes to show that there is always a demand for this type of travel, especially for businesses.” With business owners having to travel further and more often to secure that all important deal, helicopter charter and helicopter hire is re-becoming that essential travel option again.

With over-congested roads, the ever-rising cost of commercial flights and unreliable rail networks, helicopter charter has always been an essential tool, however businesses have been less willing over the last 18-months or so to use this service frequently as politically it was not correct to do so.
Not only does helicopter travel remove the stress of airports, traffic jams and public transport, it also diminishes the need for time away from home and the cost of overnight accommodation. Cruising at speeds of 120 knots and a maximum range of 400 miles, helicopter charter can allow you to make multiple visits in one day and still have you back in time to make a dinner date that very evening.

Mr Burns added, “There is often a misconception that helicopter flights are extremely expensive, but many are realising that this is not the case at all. This may be a reason why we have experienced a recent increased demand. By the time you have paid your fuel costs, driven to different appointments throughout the day and started to look rather dishevelled as you arrive at your hotel, you could have seen through more appointments, spent nothing on fuel and arrived feeling cool and collected without the need for a hotel.” Maximising time in the office is also a major factor when choosing helicopter charter. When transporting three, four or five business personnel from meeting to meeting this can prove extremely cost-effective!

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